LRA Violence // Year-Over-Year

The LRA perpetrated 81 attacks in the latest year vs. 158 attacks in the year previous.

This is a -48.7% decrease in attacks.

The LRA perpetrated 12 killings and 263 abductions in the latest year vs. 10 killings and 506 in the year previous.

This is a 20.0% increase in fatalities and a -48.0% decrease in abductions.

Year previous: August 17, 2016 to August 16, 2017
Latest year: August 17, 2017 to today
Latest Attack

July 23, 2018 // An LRA group attacked the village of Ligoua, looting corn, cassava flour, rice, palm oil, and other belongings. The assailants, who reportedly spoke Acholi, Zande, and Lingala, abducted 5 men and 1 woman as porters for their looted goods.

Latest Major Attack

July 20, 2018 // LRA forces attacked the Ngoulia mining site, 11 km from Kpokpo on the Bria-Nzako Road. The group abducted 5 men and 1 girl to porter looted goods, and killed 1 man. On their way back to the bush, they abducted 4 hunters and 1 pregnant woman from Kpokpo.

Latest Returnee Event

August 01, 2018 // LRA forces released the 5 miners and 4 hunters they had abducted as porters near Kpokpo and its Ngoulia mining site on July 20. The group leader reportedly gave them a written message addressed to the chief of Kpokpo.

Hardest Hit Communities by # of Attacks
Last 30 Days
Ligoua, Haut-Mbomou, CAR: 2
Kpokpo (CAR), Haute-Kotto, CAR: 1
Last 365 Days
Obo, Haut-Mbomou, CAR: 7
Sam Ouandja, Haute-Kotto, CAR: 6
Mbangana, Haute-Kotto, CAR: 5